Hi Guys. In this article I want to take you through the process of thinking like a pro. I want to show you how you can greatly increase your CTR simple be applying some secret psychological tricks.

As you know, the ad text that you use is the path way between Google and your website. Basically, the words that you use on those four lines with in your ad, could simply be the difference between a profitable or none profitable website. This is because the better written your ad is – the higher the click through rate. The higher the click through rate – the lower your cost. And finally, The lower your cost – the higher your profit margin.

So as you can see, its no secret. You want to have a well crafted ad that gives you a high CTR (Click through rate).

Your Adwords Ad Text:

Most of the work that I do for myself and for other is purely based around a few psychological secrets. The way that I look at it, and so should you, is that you need to understand what is going on inside the users head. By doing this, it gives you a better understanding of where the user is in the buying cycle.

Now,you might be thinking How can you know what a user is thinking, when Ive never met him?. This is a good point, we as internet marketers and business owners do not have the time to set up small focus point meeting and send out surveys to our target market. But what we can do is simple run small Adwords campaigns and see exactly what the user is looking for.

This is one of the great secrets, and it allows you to test your market with out spending a fortune.

Simply segment your keyword list in to targeted ad groups, then keep your eye out for which keyword has the highest click through rate.

The example below shows my different ad groups. With in each ad group is a list of keywords that are highly targeted to the title of the ad group.

For example (I sell Dog stuff):
Dog training
Dog tips
Dog videos
Dog lessons

If I was to find that the dog lessons ad group is getting the highest click through rate. And within that ad group, online video lessons is getting the highest CTR compared to all of the other keywords, then we know that online dog video lessons, is the most sort after area with in our business.

This is HUGE !! – Its one of the great Adwords secrets. As we now have gotten inside of the users head, and can simply start to sculpture our Dog Lessons Adwords ad around our new learnings.

Before we do so. Let me make myself clear. This should be done in your testing stage. In other words, do this at the beginning. You can normally tell after 50 or so clicks, which keyword is going to perform the best.

Note: if you have two keywords that perform on an equal level, Separate them into different ad groups so that you can have different ad Text for each high performing keyword.

The Adwords Secret Text Formula:

So, what do you now do with your new information?
Simple, we write an ad based around the clients buying cycle. As we now know that online dog video lessons is what they want, so thats exactly what they will get !

This is an example of an ad that will work. I will explain all of the elements, and why it will work after. Again, your ad copy it based around psychology, ALWAYS put yourself in the shoes of the users. Where are the in the buying cycle?

Adwords Ad Text:

Dog Video Lessons
Train Your Dog The Easy Way.
Online Videos – Secrets Revealed

Ok, Lets break this down.

Headline – Dog Video Lessons:
Its not exactly one of the best kept secrets, but your headline is known as the ad for the ad. This is the section that is going to get the attention of the readers. So this is the section that we want to stand out the most. This is done by simply adding your main keywords to the headline. By doing so, you are showing the user that your adwords ad has exactly what they are looking for. The closer that you can get to the users search query the better your adwords ad will perform.

Body 1 – Train Your Dog The Easy Way.
This section is all about showing the benefit of what the user is going to get if they click on the Adwords ad. As you can see, by reading the ad the user knows they they are going to learn how to train their dog. Which, if you can remember, is what the user is after. All that they fundamentally want is an easy and cheap way of training their dog. So, the second section of the body 1 ad copy shows the user that if they click onto the ad, they are going to, not only find out how to train their dog, but they are going to find out how to do it the easy way.

That is the benefit – Easy, simple training for your dog.
Body 2 – Online Videos – Secrets Revealed
Lets beak this into two section.

Online Videos:

Simple, They search for online videos, so let the user know that you have online videos. If they can see that your ad meets their needs, you will get the click.

Secrets Revealed:

Every one loves secrets. We all want to know how to do thing the same way that the pros do it. Why learn from a beginner when you can get your hands on all of the secrets that have been kept tightly guarded by a select few. This also play to human curiosity, we cant help but want to know if they know something that we dont – The missing part of the puzzle.

URL – DogVideoLessons.com:

ok, this is one of those HUGE adwords secrets that not a lot of people are doing. Go and buy yourself a domain name that matches your main keyword. Then simple
set up the domain name to point to your website.

Note: If you dont know how to do this then please visit:

This one adwords secret can literally increase your CTR by up to 70% – Its that powerful.

Ok, so you now know how you should be thinking when writing your ad. But, there is an extra secret bonus for doing this:

The words will also appear in a bold font. This is because Google will help your adwords ad stand out, if its relevant to the users search query. In other words, all of the words in your adwords ad, that match the users search query, will appear in a bold font, including the URL.

So, as you can see we have:
Videos x3
Lessons x2
Dog x3
Online x1

All of these words will appear in bold. Which, in turn will help our ad stand out from the competition, and then increase our CTR.

So there you have it. Put your self in to the users shoes and think like they think.
This is one of those Adwords Secrets that will help you increase your CTR.

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