If you’ve been in the network marketing industry for awhile you know what attraction marketing is.
Attraction marketing was made a house hold name by Mike Dillard the 8 figure earner from Austin Texas.
I get emails from some of the traditional network marketing trainers and have been paying attention to what they have been saying about attraction marketing.
Some of the comments have been that attraction marketing is hype, a fad or something that is new that will eventually fizzle out.
I have to disagree with these statements because I know some industry leaders who in fact use this type of marketing to build their business entirely online.
I am no way knocking old school marketing and still believe in the basics of building a network marketing business.
The thing I disagree with is slamming something because it’s different then the way they have built their network marketing business.
The way I see it that people do not like change and feel threatened with change.
Those who are slamming attraction and internet marketing have jumped on the bandwagon of using capture pages,social media lead generation and other online strategies.
These network marketing trainers are using attraction marketing themselves.
People come to them because they have knowledge about how to build a network marketing business.
People are attracted to them because they can help them build their network marketing business.
Attraction marketing has been around longer then magnetic sponsoring and some of the other platforms.
The leaders you see in our industry are in fact attraction marketers.
People gravitate towards them because they offer value to people.
Traditional Network Marketing Versus Attraction Marketing.
Which is Better? As I see it there is not just one way to build a home based business.
By attending Klemmer and Associates seminars I learned that there are unlimited mechanisms to creating what you desire.
In network marketing there are unlimited ways to build a business and not one strategy is better then the other.
Instead of slamming strategies we need to come together in the home based business industry as a whole and knock off this my way is better then your way mentality.
Build your network marketing business how you wish to.
If you want to use attraction type marketing, great! If you want to use traditional network marketing, superb! A home business is all about freedom to build your business and live your life the way you want to.
As long as you have a clear intention the mechanism will appear.
Do not be deterred from building your business the way you want to just because someone says that’s not the right way to do it.
Follow your conscious and you cannot go wrong because either way you will be right.
Always do the right thing and conduct your business in a ethical way.
Attraction Marketing Is It For You? Like I said before you have to decide how you want to build your business.
I prefer online marketing versus traditional network marketing but that’s my opinion.
I love online marketing and helping people with what I’ve learned through online and offline marketing.
Just ask yourself what would really make me happy in my home business.
How would you like your business to look like? Do you want to automate your business or would you prefer to be involved in every aspect? These are questions you need to ask yourself.
No one can answer this for you, yes they can give you advice but you are the deciding factor.
Have fun and enjoy your business!

By admin