Whether you are a blogger or freelance writer, there are always people looking for quality writers to create new content posts, keep blogs updated and write articles. One of the best ways to find out about the latest job posting, is to use online blogger job boards. In this article we will cover three of the major job boards out there and how they can help bring your blog more business and fill a writing job, or if you are a writer, they will help you find new work.

ProBlogger Job Board

The first and most recommended source for finding blogger and writing jobs, is at ProBlogger. There is a $50 listing fee which will keep your job listing active for 30 days and will allow you to communicate with an unlimited amount of job proposals. All contact is made through email or can be sent to a url of your choice. Your listing on the job board will also be tweeted out to the 135,000 followers of @problogger on twitter. Depending on the job description and pay out, you can expect to receive around 10-25 job requests.

Blogging Pro Job Board

Another popular place to find writing jobs in the blogging space is at BloggingPro. The site has a really nice design and setup, and is free to list. If you would like to upgrade to a featured listing, the cost is $25 for 30 days. Upgraded listings will be sent out to the 17k blogging pro subscriber list. I’ve

WordPress.net Job Board

If you are on the look out for jobs outside of just writer, the WordPress job board is a great place to start looking. From writing jobs to WordPress specific tasks like programming and designing, this job board has it all. There is no cost to post a job listing on jobs.WordPress.net, and your listing will stay active on the site for 21 days.

As a web site owner, article marketer or blogger, utilizing blogger job boards is an excellent way to outsource your business, while also bringing in talented writers that may be looking for work. Through blogger and writer boards, you can find dedicated and passionate writers that you may not be able to find elsewhere, and they may only be a fraction of the cost of a full time or part time writer.

When posting a blogging or writing job on any freelance market place or job board, it’s important to include information such as the topic the user will be writing about, payment (if there is one), and the platform the web site or writing system is managed with. As important as it is to make a great listing for your job posting, it’s also very important to follow up with each application and let them know the status of your job opening.

It is recommended that you look through the current listings of jobs on the sites above to see how each job listing is written and what information is included in each. You can use existing listings as a template or reference for creating your own.

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