Nothing hurts your online business growth more than distractions.
Some distractions are obvious, but others are not so obvious.
It’s these “not so obvious” distractions that are wasting your time and keeping you from making the money you deserve.

What is a distraction?

As you probably already know, a distraction is something that keeps you from putting 100% effort into a task.
In this case, your main tasks are growing your business and making as much money as possible.
Believe it or not, the last sentence I just stated is truth, but, it in itself is a distraction.

How building your business can be a distraction.

Many people spend way too much time reading and studying articles, e-books, and websites that have absolutely nothing to do with their immediate business goals.
For some reason they read an article title and get sucked into wasting countless hours and spending countless dollars thinking that somehow they can make tons of money just by reading a few words.
In essence, these are the people who like learning about business and not actually like doing business.
I know that sounds harsh, but there is a lot of truth in that statement.
The day-to-day routines of business can get extremely tedious.
So, instead of doing the tedious work, you decide to read articles to find shortcuts to grow your business.
Unfortunately, you can read every article ever written but it’s not going to help you get the work done that needs to get done.
All it’s going to do is waste your time, make you tired, and fill your head with confusion.
Set your goals and stick to them.
The best way not to get distracted is by setting your business goals for the day and writing them down on a piece of paper.
You should then give an allotment of time for each one of the goals to be accomplished.
If you do need time to study up on some information, you should give yourself a certain amount of time and know exactly what type of information you are looking for.
I would not suggest spending more than an hour a day on “business building” materials.

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