Johnny Depp said that Amber Heard or her friend pooped on his bed

According to TMZ, Depp just took the stand. He said he never struck Heard or any woman in his life. He said he felt the need to stand up against Heard’s claims because he felt responsible to stand up for his kids, who were getting approached about the allegations.

He said he’s tried to live his life as a private person, so sharing the intimate details of his private life is “quite exposing and unfortunate.” Amber is inside the courtroom watching his testimony. What y’all think about this⁉️

Judge: Ok. All right, yes ma’am.

Lawyer: Good afternoon Mr. Depp

Depp: Good afternoon.

Lawyer: Can you please tell the jury why you’re here today?

Depp: Yes, about six years ago, Miss Heard made some quite heinous and disturbing… brought these disturbing criminal acts against me that were not based in any species of truth. It was a complete shock that it would… it just didn’t need to go in that direction as nothing of the kind had ever happened. Though the relationship… there were arguments and things of that nature, but never did I myself reach the point of striking Miss Heard in any way, nor have I ever struck any woman in my life.

And so I, at the time, because the news of her accusations had, sort of permeated the industry and made its way through media and social media, and became quite a global… let’s say “fact” if you will. And, since I knew that there was no truth to it whatsoever, I felt it my responsibility to stand up, not only for myself in that instance, but stand up for my children, who at the time were 14 and 16, and so they were in high school, and so I thought it was diabolical that my children would have to go to school and have their friends or people in the school approach them with the infamous People magazine cover with Miss Heard with a dark bruise on her face.

And then it just kept multiplying, it just kept getting bigger and bigger. So, it was my responsibility, I felt, to, not only attempt to clear my name, for the sake of many reasons, but I wanted to clear my children of this horrid thing that they were having to read about their father which was untrue.

And also, after many years of being in this industry, (at the time, it was probably… I’d probably been in the industry 30+ years, 35 years, never had had any problems) anything like that, and I’ve met many people over the years, many of the people, and had had the opportunity to talk to those people and to even give advice to these people and I’m not…

My goal is the truth, because it killed me that people that I had spoken with that I had met with over the years who maybe were in not such a great position and they needed advice, and I gave them the best advice I could, all I could think of was that those people would think that I was a fraud, and that I had lied to them.

And so I had to wait for my opportunity to address the charges which were criminal charges. And they just weren’t true. So I felt the responsibility of clearing the record as the only way that I could get to the point where I could speak as really taken this full six years, and it’s been six years of trying times. It’s very strange when one day, you’re Cinderella, so to speak, and then in 0.6 seconds, you’re Quasimodo. And I didn’t deserve that, nor did my children, nor did the people who have believed in me for all these years. I didn’t want any of those people to believe that I had done them wrong, or lied to them, or that I was a fraud.

I pride myself on honesty, I pride myself on truth. Truth is the only thing I’m interested in. Lies will get you nowhere. Lies build upon lies, build upon lies. It’s too much to cover. I’m obsessed with the truth and so today is my… actually the first opportunity that I’ve been able to speak about this case in full for the first time.

Lawyer: Mr. Depp, how do you feel about the intimate details of your life being aired in this process?

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